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Comprised of members of the community as well as the Fire Department, the Corona Fire Safety Foundation serves to help mesh the public safety function of the Fire Department with the interests and needs of the community of Corona.

What We Do

The Foundation works closely with the Corona Fire Department to help fund, promote and support educational, public safety and preparedness programs and initiatives within our operational focus areas – promoting public safety, supporting those affected by fire, and supporting the Fire Department’s added-value programs.

In addition to program support, promotion and funding, we provide a range of educational materials and tools geared toward children and teens, for distribution within the schools, as well as during events such as Corona Public Safety Day.

Programs We Support

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    CPR Training - Corona Fire CPR Training program is available free of charge to everyone in the community. The Foundation funds the equipment and supplies needed to maintain the program, promotes it within the community, and is focused on equipping all 9th grade students within the CNUSD with the skills needed to recognize cardiac arrest, and administer life saving compression based CPR. To learn more about this program, and to register for a class, visit the City of Corona's website.

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    Vial of Life - In partnership with Corona Regional Medical Center, Kaiser Hospital, and the Corona Fire Department, the Foundation promotes and supports this life saving program throughout the community. This program helps citizens compile personal information and have it available for responders in the event of a medical emergency. To learn more about this critical program, visit the City of Corona's website.

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    Fire and Burn Foundation - We support those affected by fire by providing Camp Beyond the Scars sponsorships to children and teens who have suffered burn injuries. Approximately 250,000 children are injured each year, many severely, as a result of burn trauma. To learn more about the Fire and Burn Foundation, visit their website.

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    Honor Guard - We provide ongoing support for the Corona Fire Honor Guard by providing funding for needed apparel and accessories, as well as transportation to and from State and National firefighter memorial events.

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    Public Safety Day - The Corona Fire Safety Foundation, together with the Corona Police Community Partnership, organizes, promotes and facilitates this annual event, where both the Corona Police and Corona Fire Departments come together to meet with the public. At the event, we provide safety information materials, and distribute Vial of Life kits and information about how to participate.

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